Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Social Media Tips for Your Job Hunt - MBA + Graduates

Boston Inno's Tiffany Jennings offers 5 smart, concise action tips for proactively leveraging the Net in job searches.

The 5 tips + a Now4Next take:

  1. Use Keywords - your Twitter, Linked In, Google + accounts should included key words for 'what you want to be known as' not just resume-like experience terms, but terms that define your aspirations for future career roles
  2. Google Yourself - well put in the article - Google yourself because potential employers will, what do you WANT them to see?
  3. Connect with potential employers - my favorite - follow desireable potential employers on Twitter + Google +.  RT and +1 relevant posts. You will better understand company's and organization's priorities if you are active in their social circles.
  4. Mind your manners - show off your professional aptitude in social environments
  5. Keep it Human - RTs or +1s without a personal comment or perspective looks like robot spam - social means people.
Smart Job Hunters - Read the entire article here at BostonInno

Just a note - 5 Tips for Job Hunters fits exactly the Award Winning 'Flip the Job Search' program that is underway at CMH in Paris. Concept = steps to take to have potential employers find YOU.


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