Monday, October 29, 2012

Networked Individualism - Personal Social Networks

A video book synopsis of Networked by the author - 3 minutes well spent.

Key Quote
The new social operating system of "networked individualism" liberates us from the restrictions of tightly knit groups; it also requires us to develop networking skills and strategies, work on maintaining ties, and balance multiple overlapping networks.

Professional success will be driven by Networked Individualism. Ideally, individuals will develop

  • personal learning networks
  • industry knowledge networks
  • professional contacts networks
  • lucky networks (?)
Review the review in the Stanford Social Innovation Review

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Students + Job Seekers - Quality Info on the Role of Social Media

How to take online opportunities beyond the Facebook familiar to meaningful, professional enlightened overview in this infographic.

Full article via Shea Bennett at Media Bistro - a terrific resource BTW.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From CIO Magazine, an infographic on social + job search, by generation.

2 key points, IMO
  • All generations use Social in their job research + professional reputation development
  • Employers should have a well articulated social presence, as it is a preferred source of info for Gen Y job seekers.
What is your take?

Resource for Infographic - MillennialBranding

New Role - Head of Content + Audience Development

As previously mentioned, Now 4 Next  delights in discovering job titles + roles that are entirely new.  

This job posting on Dezeen for a Head of Content and Audience Development at The School of Life in London is  an exciting development as creation and curation skills are front + center.

The School of Life blog is full of exceptional ideas - worth adding to your read feeds.

If you are seeking imaginative + un-ordinary work experiences, Dezeen Jobs is a great place to look. Dezeen Magazine  is design and architecture oriented but really brain food for design thinkers.
DeZeen Magazine

Monday, October 8, 2012

Curiosity - new era advice via Seth Godin

Well stated - The Curious Imperative - the always concise Seth Godin recently posted this advice.  

"Now that information is ubiquitous, the obligation changes. It's no longer okay to not know."

A quick read, the underlying principle is essential to personal + career development.  Full blog post here.
Seth Godin Blog Home Page